Deer Creek High School Soccer Booster Club

The Booster Club Membership helps players and coaches supplement needs during the season. This includes, meals, uniforms, travel, equipment and other needs. Deadline to sign up is February 1, 2015 to guarantee delivery of items by February 20, 2015.


Membership Information

Family Membership  –  $100

★ 2014 Booster Club Membership
★ Name on Deer Creek Champions Board
★ 2 Deer Creek Soccer T-Shirts
★ 1 Game Day Yard Sign

Individual Membership  –  $40

★ 2014 Booster Club Membership
★ 1 Deer Creek Soccer T-Shirt
★ 1 Game Day Yard Sign


Membership form

2015 Deer Creek Booster Club Membership


Booster Club officers

President: Marcus Humphrey,
Vice-President: Cheryl Noble,
Treasurer: John May,
Secretary: Becky Pitt,
Communications Director: Nicki Humphrey,